Vanilla Berry Protein Shake

January 20, 2016

As a wellness coach and the parent of a competitive gymnast, the topic of protein shakes gets brought up on occasion. Generally, it is parents trying to supplement their athletic child's diet with some added calories. When you have a 10 year old that works out for 9-15 hours a week (depending on the gym), you are constantly worried about whether your child is getting enough nutrition. On the other hand, I have a college freshman that could benefit from the occasional protein shake as well, especially if it means a quick protein shake or skipping a meal! With this being said, many people tell me they don't really like the taste of protein shakes, where I happen to feel like a protein shake is a treat! I got to thinking that this is probably because I grew up in the fitness industry and at times it was my job to make protein shakes for people, so now it just comes natural. 


I thought I would share the basic protein shake that we do around my house on a busy day filled with gymnastics practice and homeschool. 



Vanilla Berry Protein Shake

1 scoop protein powder

1 T coconut oil

1 C whole milk

1 handful of berries

1 t vanilla extract

5-6 pcs of ice


Throw everything in the blender until smooth! 


Keep in mind that this is a calorie dense food! So be sure to watch your portions and log your foods appropriately. This is not intended to be consumed in big gulp size! 


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