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Welcome to the Wellness Classroom!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Welcome wellness students and parents! I am really excited to announce a new and fun twist to the blog. In the past, I have focused on how to connect wellness with homeschool life. While this was fun, I have found that teaching wellness to students directly in the form of applying life wellness skills has been much more fulfilling and the kids seem to be having fun too! I have also noticed that many families that are not homeschoolers also find this to be beneficial. Therefore, I am opening up "Coach Karen U's Wellness Classroom" right here so that anyone that is interested in adding a little wellness to their world can do so. If you happen to be homeschooled, it is certainly a nice addition to any curriculum, so feel free to use it as such. I just ask that you please let us know how it's working for you! I love hearing from my students and happy parents!

Coach Karen U's Wellness Classroom

Journaling for Wellness

Each post will include a journal prompt. Just as I do in my live classes, I will ask that you get as creative or be as simple as you like when you are journaling. Some like to use colorful markers, while others are simply happy with pencil and paper. Whatever you feel like using is perfectly fine, but get those positive thoughts out on paper! Gratitude journaling has been scientifically proven to increase happiness levels, so why not?

Application of Life Wellness Skills

Each post will cover a Wellness Skill. Simply put, these are words....words we all know. Words like Courage, Kindness and Gratitude. Again, as I emphasize in my live classes, the key is not just knowing what the word means, but USING IT! Each unit will give us a strategy for living well, a strategy for increased happiness, contentment and growth. I encourage you to journal about each experience you encounter. If we see our life experiences as moments to grow in a positive direction, we will thrive.

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