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Lesson 2: Kindness

So here we are. Our first real wellness word! Kindness. You know it. You've heard people talk about it. You could probably write up a beautiful description of it. you use it?

We are going to work on using kindness in a very mindful way over the next few weeks.

What is kindness? I am sure you have some ideas. What do you think of when you think of kindness? (write your own definition in your journal)

Take out your journal and something to write with. I will start off with 5 ways I can think of to USE kindness. Then you can begin brainstorming yourself!

1 - Give someone a compliment.

2 - Open the door for someone.

3 - Write someone a letter!

4 - Surprise a sibling or friend by doing one of their chores for them.

5 - Clean up the dishes without being asked. (Warning: this may surprise some parents)

Now, set your timers and brainstorm "how to use kindness" for 3 minutes. GO!

Lesson 2: Journal Prompt

1 - How did you use kindness today? Can you describe your kindness experience? Did it create happiness for you or for others?

*If you prefer to draw what you did, go for it! Be sure to express how this made you or the people around you FEEL.

It is suggested to continue journaling at least 2-3 times per week. See how many different kindness experiences you can have in the next 4 weeks!

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