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3 Fall Homeschool Healthy Eating Tips

Seriously, where did the summer go? I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I was wearing flip flops last week and now I'm in boots and sweatshirt! There is something about the change in season that is sort of rejuvenating, even for a Florida girl like me! I am writing this with my pumpkin spice candle lit and a yummy roast that is filling the air with wonderful aromas of thyme, sage and rosemary. Yep! It's fall.

But let's not kid ourselves, it's Sunday afternoon and I had the whole day to myself while my daughter hung with her friends and my husband ran around looking for old car parts! Tomorrow is a weekday, tomorrow is a different story. Or is it.........

A friend of mine just passed on a book that is right up my alley. I LOVE reading books on any kind of application of positive psychology and this book is all about positive mindset. But isn't that just what we need in life? A positive mindset. Well, it's definitely a start.

Let's begin with a positive mindset and set a goal of eating healthy this fall season. Remember, we always take it one step at a time, so I am not telling you to have a full course meal on the table every night. What I suggest is a plan, something simple that gets your kids involved in the planning, prep and cooking process! Here are a couple of ideas to get your started.

3 Fall Homeschool Healthy Eating Tips

1 - Let your family choose a weekly fall themed meal that uses lots of whole foods , like roasted pumpkin apple soup or stuffed acorn squash.

2 - Sit down as a family and decide who will do what in the meal preparation process. For example, who will help make the list of ingredients, help do the shopping, the chopping or the cooking?

3 - Consider going to a fall festival to see what's in season this time of year. Choose an item to bring home and figure out how to incorporate it in your weekly meal plan.

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