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Summer Mindfulness

Less math, more mindfulness! I don't mean you don't need to do ANY math over the summer, we actually do math year round in our homeschool. However, summer is a time in which we tend to wind down from the rigors of academics and break out into the outdoors with lots of hands on learning opportunities with our families and friends! This is a great time to start being more mindful of life skills that help our children, and ourselves, increase our happiness levels.

As I teach my students, being mindful of applying life skills like gratitude and kindness is simple and difficult all at the same time. These life skills are easy to use, but can also be easy to forget! We live in a world that is fast paced and filled with activities. Therefore, we must take the time to create more mindfulness of these life skills and increase our practice of them.

3 Ways to Practice Summer Mindfulness

Spend 5 minutes each day with a gratitude journal. This is a wonderful way to get the day started off right!

Set a goal to do an act of kindness everyday and spend 5 minutes sharing your act of kindness over dinner.

For the younger crowd, consider setting up a positivity chart and allow them to place a sticker on it each time they share an act of gratitude or kindness.

TIP: Remember that it can be easy to forget! If your child doesn't apply these life skills each day, remind them that as humans living in this busy world it is easy to forget and that is ok. Being mindful enough to know this and to continue trying is what this is all about. This is just proof that it is important to be mindful of these life skills and to practice them. The more we practice, the more natural it all becomes!


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