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Break for Outdoor Time

Summer is the perfect time for us to get out and enjoy the outdoors! Even if it's just a picnic in our backyard! If you're still wrapping up your homeschool year or you are a year round homeschool family, take a healthy summer snack break outside. Studies have shown that even 5 minutes outdoors can boost your mental health, so why not go for it?! Even better, follow it up with some activity or play outdoors with your kids!

Here are a few ideas to get your started!

5 Healthy Snacks for Outdoor Breaks

- Apple slices and almond butter.

- Yogurt tubes (try Siggi's for a healthier choice or make your own!).

- Turkey and cheese roll ups. Throw a slice or two of bell pepper inside for a fun crunch.

- Watermelon. It's summer folks!

- ICE POPS!!! Cut out the sugar and make your own.


5 Healthy Activities for Outdoor Breaks

- Go for a 5 minute walk through your neighborhood.

- Play some frisbee or Disc Dunk

- Jump on a trampoline or just dance in your backyard!

- Stretch! Yoga anyone?

- 2 square or 4 square (order your four square ball here)


There ya have it friends! A few ideas to get you outside and increasing your wellness quickly and easy. As always, wellness isn't a complex topic, but it takes some mindfulness to achieve some action in this category of our lives sometimes. Have fun and feel free to share with us! We would LOVE to hear what healthy outdoor fun you are having this summer!

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