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The Summer Calendar

Wow, April was a busy month! We wrapped up another gymnastics season, we enjoyed Grandma's annual visit out to celebrate the state gymnastics meet and we were introduced to a new daily schedule. As we wrap up April, we are also looking forward to the summer. We are looking forward to a summer filled family and friends! Obviously, this involves a lot of coordination because it involves a lot of people, so it's time to pull out the calendar and plan.

This week, we sat down and looked at every month on the calendar from May through September to determine when different family members were on breaks, what predetermined plans we already have, what new adventures can we go on, who might need our help over the summer, and more! This is our way of creating a well planned out summer that decreases stress levels across the board. We are aware that things can change as the year moves on, but having a well laid out plan is a great way to increase your wellness over the summer and not allow your summer to slip by!

Be mindful that your calendar is your friend! It's your way of scheduling down time, time to unwind and release stress. Why just use a calendar for doctors appointments and soccer schedules? Have a little fun with it and allow your calendar to be your friend!

What's on my calendar? Time with friends and family in the mountains of North Carolina, as well as a family trip to areas of the country that we have never explored before (a great way to add in a little extra learning). We even added in some fun gymnastics adventures, why not?

What's on YOUR calendar? Shoot us a note!

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