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Including Emotional Wellness

Do you include emotional wellness in your homeschool? Do you want to? It's an excellent opportunity to teach our children (and heck, maybe ourselves) how to navigate their hearts and minds through this big world in a healthy way!

Knowing about skills like kindness, gratitude and resiliency are one thing, identifying them and applying them are a whole different ballgame. Creating the ability to more naturally use these skills in real life can create more contentment and happiness in our children as they grow into adults.

Here in Northern Virginia, it's state gymnastics meet week for my daughter. It's full of places to be, skills to showcase, teammate responsibility and fun! With this comes navigation of plenty of feelings for my daughter, as well as myself and our family. Whether you do gymnastics, soccer, dance, chess club, or you're just doing life, being mindful of the life skills mentioned above will help us change the feel of our day. If we are mindful, we can choose to maintain or create a positive mindset.

Life is full of events, both big and small, that we must navigate. If we can see the opportunity to use positive life skills everyday to improve our wellness and the wellness of those around us, we will be much more prepared to handle tough situations. Life is a roller coaster, so we must know how to get joy out of every turn!

If you are not including emotional wellness or the application of positive psychology into your homeschool, please start!

3 Ways to Include Emotional Wellness in your homeschool:

1 - Create a positivity journal to write in each morning for 5 minutes.

2 - Sign your tweens or teens up for "The Gratitude Project" with me at Outschool!

3 - Buy this pre-made journal with prompts for your students (or you!)

If you are already including these or other skills in your homeschool, please tell us about it in the comments! If not, please tell us if you try one of the ideas in this blog and how it goes! Have a joyful day and be mindful of opportunities to create positive actions!

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