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Checking in on Family Wellness

How do you check in on your family wellness? I talk to my students all the time about checking in on their own wellness, but what about the family as a whole? As with our own personal wellness, family wellness takes a little effort and a little practice. It's not rocket science, but it takes a little mindfulness.

During this time of year, I am usually busy evaluating how the school year has gone so far and what we might be committing to next year. I am already looking at curriculum and any ideas for new creative classes that my daughter might be interested in. The gymnastics season is wrapping up in a few weeks & we are planning our summer. We just found out we will be staying put for another year, which also means a list of new things to accomplish in the home this year. If this sounds anything like you at all, it's likely you get caught up in the hustle and forget to do a real check in on your family wellness.

Be mindful of family wellness this week and make the choice to do a check in! Feel free to ask the family if they have any ideas, including them in the planning is a must. Get as creative or be as simple as you want, just make it happen.


Traditional Family Meeting - This is probably the simplest and easiest to plan. Before beginning a family meeting, be sure to ask each family member to play a role in setting rules and guidelines. This sets you up for a non-judgmental environment. By the end of the meeting the family should be able to come up with an overall family wellness goal and 1-3 action steps to lead them to better wellness.

Game Night - Enjoy some family fun and turn your wellness check into a game night! Either begin or end with a simple 15-20 minute mini family meeting.

Outdoor Time - This could be in the form of a walk, run, picnic, frisbee, or just being out in the open air! Being outside is good for you, so this is a perfect way to have a family check in. Just like on a game night, either begin or end with a 15-20 minute mini family meeting.

As I mentioned before, these are not difficult, but they take a little mindfulness in order to make them happen. Put a note on your fridge right now to remind you to engage in a family wellness check! I think you will be happy you did.

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