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  • Coach Karen Ungerman

Spread the Sunshine

This week was a full one, with windstorms, gymnastics meets, a closed army fort, medical appointments and a motorcycle accident that was quite the life lesson for many. I won't go over all of the details, but will focus on events that created wellness lessons.

Spending time with family and friends is always something to be encouraged, whether I am working with my students or in our own homeschool. We can easily get caught up in the grind and forget to add time with a friend to our calendar. Keep in mind, this does not just benefit us. Our friends and family need it just as much as we do, and sometimes more! This past weekend, we headed down to the Shamrock Invitational gymnastics meet in Virginia Beach. We didn't need to be there until late Saturday evening, but we had friends that would be competing all weekend. Friends from our own gym and friends from other gyms. So instead of focusing solely on our own events, we got up early Saturday morning and bolted down to Virginia Beach to cheer on friends! It was so much fun for my daughter to be in the stands for once, as a fan! We ended up seeing many more friends than we thought we would. We caught up with multiple friends and really enjoyed some wonderful social wellness! The next morning, my daughter had a fan in the stands as well, when her dear friend from another gym came to see her compete! Taking time out to spend with other people in a supportive role is a beautiful example for your homeschooler!

On our way home, we stopped at Fort Monroe. This is a great option for a unit study and a field trip. Don't forget to stop at Firehouse Coffee that is located just outside the fortress that was once an old army firehouse! It's a fun stop, that includes snacks, drinks, fruit and coffees, as well as a nice place to rest after walking around the fort!

As we headed back on our travels, we witnessed a motorcyclist that lost control of his motorcycle and went down right in front of us. We quickly stopped to help and call emergency services. You may wonder why I am bringing up in a wellness blog, but it was a vital reminder that our actions, thoughts and demeanor can be to the benefit or detriment of another human being. In this case, we were able to help quickly and smoothly, we were able to provide positive support to another human being through actions and kind words. What was even more amazing is that we were quickly surrounded by an off duty police officer, a nurse and a few other very helpful by-standers. It was a beautiful thing to watch strangers create such a positive, caring environment. It truly lit my heart up. In my Gratitude Project Class I have a particular class that is titled "Bring the sunshine or look for it". This was an excellent example! I teach my students that life is a long journey, full of ups and downs. We will have good days and we will have challenging days, but if we live with gratitude we can share our sunshine with others when they need it. In this case, each and every person that stopped to help this motorcyclist was spreading sunshine in their own way. This motorcyclist needed it and it was beautiful to watch him receive this kindness. So this week, I hope others spread sunshine your way, you spread sunshine to others if you can and if you don't feel it, look for's out there!

Have a wonderful week homeschooling and spread the lesson of bringing the sunshine to your homeschoolers! I bet they will have fun doing it!

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