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Balancing Your Homeschool Wellness

We had a fairly uneventful week! Which means more time to be mindful of wellness and get rested up after the flu. After our recent re-evaluation of our 36 week schedule, we have a nice, new, refreshing schedule that we are enjoying! Keep in mind, this doesn't mean we made it easier or less academic, we just made it more enjoyable. It's nice to know we have the freedom to choose to learn in a manner that uniquely works for us. As I write this, my daughter is putting together the full draft of her comic book. She used Canva to create the outline this morning. Super fun and creative! Last night we added a little Home Economics lesson. I made chicken paprikas (substituting the dumplings with cauliflower rice and the sour cream with coconut milk) and my daughter made homemade creamy chicken soup for lunches for the week! This not only teaches great life skills, healthy eating habits and independence, but how to cook ahead for better time management during the week, and less stress in college or as an adult in general.

Over the weekend, I considered our lack of time with friends lately (outside of the normal schedule). My daughter was asking if she could spend some time with her friends, outside of the gym! I was thinking it was time to get out of the house and talk to a friend! It's surprising how uplifting this can be. I took her for a little shopping, which we very rarely do and we met up with a teammate and her mom at the Clifton Cafe in Clifton, VA. We followed that up with a quick trip to the park where the girls got active in a way that somehow did not include gymnastics. We both headed home fulfilled with friendship and feelings of happiness!

The wellness skills that we focused on this week were social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellness. It's always important to consider how you and your homeschoolers are doing each week in each category of your wellness. This is what I teach in my "Balancing Your Wellness Wheel" class for tweens and teens.

As homeschool parents, we can take this week to improve in an area that we might be unintentionally neglecting. It's a great way to create more balanced wellness each week and improve mindful awareness of whole wellness.

What realistic action steps can you take this week to increase balanced wellness in your homeschool life?

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