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Freedom of Homeschool

Goodbye Flu! This week I am getting back into the groove of things. Over the weekend we enjoyed a day out at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center with some of my daughter's gymnastics team. What a great way to mix up some emotional and academic wellness in the lives of a few young athletes! An aquarium is a great way to end a unit of Marine Science for just about any homeschool age! Movies like "Finding Nemo" and books are abundant on this topic. Marine science unit studies can be easily made or purchased at teacherpayteachers for an even more in depth study. Or you can even check out a Marine Science class on Outschool.

Keeping homeschool interesting and fun is a homeschooling luxury that we can use to promote further wellness in the education of our children! It's why most of us love homeschooling. Field trips, like the one mentioned above, can be rolled into a week long Marine Science Unit or if you are feeling creative (but you are not creative), you can sign your students up for a charcoal art class, 3D printing or anything else that might float their boat! This is why, even though we start with a well thought out plan each year, things might change and that is ok! It's about this time of year that I sit down with my 36 week schedule and do a little evaluation. While all intentions are good when the original planning is done, it's always a good idea to recognize the freedom that homeschooling allows. Take a day and evaluate how things are working and remember that it's ok to ask your children what they think! More often then not, you are both on the same page! This past evaluation, we decided we just wanting something a bit more engaging and fun for our writing classes. As an educator on myself, I have really enjoyed not only being part of this organization, but exploring it in my own homeschool! We recently tried this Comic Book Writing course for my daughter and she is really enjoying the interaction of the live course! We will certainly be adding in more classes, like this highly reviewed 3 paragraph essay class!

So this week, while things are pretty calm, I will continue to re-evaluate what the remainder of our year will look like. I will commit to a fun, healthy and creative homeschool year that is both academically engaging and maintains the freedoms that we as homeschooling families can enjoy!

What is working for you right now? What isn't? Allow yourself the freedom to change what is not working to something that does! Maybe take a class with me!

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