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The Everyday Challenges

Whoa! What a week! You may have even noticed that this post is publishing a little late! After my last post about how scheduling helps us stay on track during unforeseen family emergencies, I thought I was headed home to start getting our homeschool and our family life back to the normal everyday groove! Little did I know, I was probably writing that post during the incubation period of influenza B! I assume I picked up this little bug at the hospital while checking out the beautiful Florida landscape. Talk about taking you out of the loop! So, did you get your flu shot? I did, but apparently they are reporting only 17% effectiveness this year. As a transplant patient with a weakened immune system, 17% just isn't gonna cut it!

On the bright side, I am happy to report that I am sitting in a hotel room in Virginia Beach, getting ready to cheer on a group of talented young gymnasts at the "Excalibur Cup" and I am prepped to teach a group of kiddos all about how to "Balance their Wellness Wheels" in just about 15 minutes! I am back at it people....tired, but back at it!.

When I began this blog, I thought it might be a good idea to share my everyday homeschool challenges, stuff we all go through as homeschool families. The difference would be that I would report how to keep wellness a priority during all of these everyday challenges. It has been interesting to see the everyday challenges in black in white. It's easy to call them simple "everyday challenges", but truly those "everyday challenges" can be things like family members being diagnosed with cancer, a flu that knocks you down for the count, balancing new career opportunities all while creating a wonderful, engaging learning environment for your littles (and your bigs). Keeping wellness a priority is a challenge that we CAN accomplish, but it takes mindfulness & awareness.

Each week, I learn a little more about myself as a homeschool parent, a person and a coach. This week I learned that putting the family first is not as easy as it sounds, you have to lean on friends when you need it and you must know when it's time to rest.

As a kidney transplant patient, the flu can hit hard and last. After being gone for 2 weeks, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was hug each of my family members and simply hang out with them. Doing this, however, would certainly pass this bug over to them, so it was off to the guest room for me. The family continued holding to their schedules and did an amazing job taking care of me, while STAYING AWAY! Heartbreaking, but doable when you know you are being mindful of what's best for them.

By week 3, my husband was still limited due to a mandatory class for work, my mother in law was flying home and I still could not drive my daughter to her activities. What did this mean? More favor asking! I can't thank my kind friends enough. As a military family (or anyone really), it is a necessity to be aware and mindful of the kindness that surrounds us, because we DO have to rely on it sometimes.

As you go though your everyday challenges this week, remember that you are not alone! Sit down, take a deep breath and consider what your family needs. Consider what you need. Write 3 thoughts down and don't be afraid to act on them. Rest, rely on those that love you and step away if needed! For goodness sake, maybe you just a need a bubble bath!

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