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Schedules for Lower Stress

Looking out over the lush treetops of Jacksonville, you could almost forget you are viewing it from the 8th floor of the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic.

That's the point though, to be aware of the beauty that surrounds us in every moment, whether it be times of challenge or times of ease. Challenge and gratefulness are the best two words to describe this past week. Last week I wrote the weekly blogpost from the Baltimore airport, on my way to help family with a medical issue. My return flight, however, is long gone.

If you are familiar with my coaching philosophy, realistic wellness is the key and it's times like this that have developed this philosophy. Real life is not simple, it is complex. In order to create wellness that lasts, we focus on skills that help us focus on positive, realistic wellness. This week was tough. When we talked to doctors, we acknowledged the tough feelings, but focused on what was good. As a homeschool parent, I focused on what was working and not what wasn't. As a daughter and a sister, I focused on being grateful for a family and a schedule that gives the kind of flexibility that allows me to help.

During this trip, it was made obvious how much a good solid homeschool schedule has helped maintain lower stress levels. We are so lucky in this day and age to have laptops and even cellphones that make this so easy! I am on a schedule for writing this blog, so that everything in my life gets appropriate focus. If I spend too much time on a task that does not need it, something else suffers. My mother in law is helping with homeschool while I am gone and I am content to know that my daughter has a schedule that she understands and can apply independently. She has been a huge help to the whole family since I have been gone. When I made the decision to stay in Florida for another week, I was counting on our homeschool schedule, but I realize it truly is a tool for wellness.

We have been working on this all year. I created the system before the year began and we have been focusing on developing independence throughout the year. It was very rewarding when we needed to use this system and it worked without a hitch!


Homeschool is a big job and creating a solid schedule for your homeschool not only allows for less stress in an emergency situation, but increases the independence of your homeschooler. It might take some time to develop a schedule that works for you and your student, but take some time and create a schedule that works for you!

Learning to use a schedule give students a tool to create decreased levels of stress in the future, as well as increased levels of independence.

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