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Simple Wellness Steps for Your Homeschool Life

I took my Christmas tree down last week! Are you not super proud? I always encourage my students to celebrate their successes and I consider that one of mine! As long as we all seem to be letting the holiday sparkles settle, I figured it was time to get the ball rolling again in this homeschool life! As I teach my students in my wellness classes, there are many parts to wellness and when it comes to the homeschool life, there are plenty of "types of wellness" to keep up with. Here are some of the wellness steps I took last week to improve my wellness, along with a hashtag of the type of wellness I improved on in my life by doing each step!

Step 1 · Take down the Christmas tree. #personalenvironmentalwellness

Step 2 · Collect all the homeschool science supplies we have been gathering and do some Chemistry experiments! For those of you that don't already know, I am kind of a Chemistry nerd. #intellectualwelless

Step 3· Revamp my work and my exercise schedule and get rolling on some mini projects that will help you guys get your homeschool wellness moving too. (see below) #intellectualwellness #physicalwellness

Step 4 · Get mentally prepped for yet another gymnastics meet. #emotionalwellness

Step 5 - And hey, why not throw in another college gymnastics meet with my little athlete for good measure! #socialwellness

I hope this gives you all a few ideas on how to start taking steps to add a little extra wellness into your own life. Remember to celebrate these steps!


If you are still a little unsure where to start or you would simply like to add wellness into your homeschool curriculum, feel free to use this 4 week Homeschool Wellness Activity Plan to get you and your homeschoolers moving in the right direction.

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