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Get Adventurous and Lessen Stress

For those gymnastics homeschoolers out there, we are mid-season out here on the east coast and things can get a little hectic. We're trying to stick to our carefully laid out lesson plans, get the best nutrition set out at each meal for our little athletes and make sure all of the meet supplies are ready and waiting in the car for the next meet (can't take any chances showing up with no grips, right?!). But whether you are homeschooling a small athlete or not, we tend to get caught up in "the schedule" and that can cause some stress if we are not mindful about what this whole journey is really about!

Last week the snow surprised me out here on the east coast! I had checked the weather reports weeks ahead of time and this was not in my plans. I think I have mentioned before, but I am a Florida kid! I don't mind snow, as long as I am looking through a window inside a heated house! With plenty of schoolwork to get done and gym classes to prepare for, my thought was more "that looks so pretty, let's get pro-active on our studies over a hot tea". My husband, however, is from Minnesota. I noticed a text from him saying "You really ought to get out the snow sled and take advantage of homeschooling!", so.....I did.

We also decided to drive into negative degree weather over the weekend and surprise our gymnast with a trip to West Virginia University to see her favorite Florida Gator Gymnastics team! We actually took a day off of gym! Crazy, huh? I was surprised how excited her coach was when I told him what our plans were. I guess I always think that everyone is as stuck to the PLAN as I am. I was surprised how the stress fell away as we did these things that were not in "the plans".

Check to see if you can fit an inspirational college meet into your homeschool schedule here!

So, as we jump back into our normal schedule this week, I am so glad that we deviated from the plan! We dropped some stress levels, we had some much needed family fun that provided outdoor activity, we set up an adventurous weekend that not only inspired our little athlete, but found some historical covered bridges along the way that were beautiful and triggered another super fun topic to explore during a future homeschool lesson!

Live near West Virginia and want to set up a covered bridge tour for your homeschooler? Click right here and get started!

Don't be afraid to get adventurous, deviate a little and lessen your stress levels!

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