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The Calendar 2018: Healthy Children

It's an interesting thing, our journey in this life. Each one is unique, each path is special and brings us to a place we never really knew we would end up! It always seems to be a surprise; yet, when you take a step back and look at where the path took you, it does tend to make sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that we will end up doing what we were supposed to do, whether we think it is what we are supposed to do or not!

My life began as a kid running around in Daytona Beach, Florida with thoughts of beach and nature, fun and family. As a teenager I thought I would grow up to get a PsyD or an MD. I grew up to a life that took me traveling the world and fighting many MANY medical challenges. I LOVE people and going through these challenges allowed a world of opportunity to understand people even better! When traveling around the country as a military spouse, I yearned for a career that would allow me to continue to work without having to "start over" at every new location. I found a job working with children as an online, remote health coach to children all over the country and I absolutely LOVED it! This has led to more and more opportunity to work with children all over the world. I continue to travel as a military spouse and still give PLENTY of dedicated time to my responsibilities as a homeschool parent of my gymnast daughter, while keeping up with my college aged son (whom I also homeschooled through high school).

I am now realizing that my journey has led me to working more specifically with children, even more specifically homeschooled children. Creating a path to health promotion through wellness coaching and local or online wellness classes has been my gig. I guess it just makes sense that I connect really well with you homeschool parents out there, even more so if you are a military spouse and maybe have a little gymnast flipping around the living room!

So this year, I will be making a point to connect with those of you that are really interested in creating increased wellness in the everyday life of your child! If there is something you want specifically addressed this year, please shoot me a note! I would be more than happy to add it to my calendar for 2018!

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