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More Happiness in 2018

It's that time of year again, a time to reflect on what we did in the past 365 days and a time to consider what our next 365 day journey will be like. Hopefully, we have reflected positively and are considering how to grow even more this year!

This year 1 life wellness coaching has grown an online platform through Outschool that allows wellness coaching and education for kids nationwide, as well as offering a solid, in person, curriculum at Compass, a local alternative school in Virginia. We hope that 2018 will bring even more resources for our clients to connect with us and enjoy even more ideas for bringing wellness to the world, specifically to youth!

As we set new goals for ourselves or ponder how to live a life that is filled with more joy, let's not forget that creating happiness in this life includes challenges, failures, successes, fears, stressors and smiles alike! If done well, all of this culminates in more overall happiness.

Whatever your goals are this year, we hope that you experience a challenge, we hope you experience a success, we hope you experience a failure or a fear and MOST OF ALL, we hope you experience a smile! Let's discover and experience more happiness in 2018!

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