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  • Coach Karen Ungerman

Fall Movement: Plan on it!

Hiking through the changing fall leaves, maneuvering a tree line ropes course or working out in your basement? Which ones sound more fun? Please tell me you didn't opt for the basement! They are all good for you and I have to admit I love working out in my basement over a good tv show, but it would be shameful if we missed out on all the beautiful fall activities just because we didn't take the time to decide we were going to do them! I recently gave an activity log to some of my local students and encouraged them to replace the word "exercise" with "fun movement". I encourage you to do the same! Think of some "fun movement" you would like to plan on this fall and put it on your calendar!

-hiking (followed by apple picking of course)

-kayaking (before it gets too cold!)

-tree line ropes course

-day at the park (bring your frisbees, hula hoops, disc slam and more!)

-light house climbing (yes, one of my favorites!)

-beach walking

By choosing fun fall activities that involve others, you are also inviting others to live a more vibrant, healthy life!

Local Ideas for Northern Virginia:

- DAY AT THE PARK! Go for a walk, play some outdoor volleyball or disk golf at Burke Lake Park (check the website for entrance fees and hours)

- CHOOSE A HIKE OR BIKE RIDE on the Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail.

- HORSEBACK TRAIL RIDE with Tamarack Stables.


- APPLE PICKING to add to your hike at one of the many farms in northern Virginia. (1) (2) (3)

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