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  • Coach Karen Ungerman

Climb A Lighthouse

Spring has raced by and summer is here! It's a great time to check in and set up a plan for summer activity! Don't let your summer pass you by!

First of all, have you ever heard of a summer activity that you DIDN'T like? I don't think I have? Stand up paddleboarding anyone? I mean seriously!! So much fun is to be had. BUT, we are busy people with so much going on. If we're not careful October will be here and you won't have picked up a single oh so very sad.

Make a list! Throw it on the fridge! Pick 3 and plan!

**Family Tip - Let the family join in! If you have teens or older pre-teens, let them in on the planning process. Give them a budget and let them plan out one of the events! This teaches them financial wellness as well!

Here is a list of 20 Summer Activities to choose from

Stand Up Paddleboarding (well, of course!)



Hiking (waterfalls nearby?)


Beach Run


Beach Volleyball

Biking (around lakes, on beaches, on boardwalks or in your neighborhood!)

Walking trails


Pedal Boat

Slip and Slide (yep!)

Pool games (set up your own Olympic games!)

Adventure Park

Frisbee (even better....Frisbee Slam!)

Bocce Ball

Learn to Longboard (skate or surf....either is good!)

Flag football

Frisbee golf

There ya' go! Hopefully that started a decent brainstorm! Take it from there! Choose 3, add them to your calendar and start planning!

Remember, this is not only about adding more physical activity, but social wellness as well! Enjoy your summer friends!

OH YEAH......#21 BONUS!! Climb a lighthouse!

Currituck Lighthouse, Kitty Hawk, NC

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