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Change our Environment Invigorate our Mind

Alright, so maybe this change in environment is a little over the top, but I am certainly moving through my day with gratitude and mindfulness! I spent a few meditative minutes just being mindful of the palm trees and the beautiful church bells that played while I was relaxing by the pool. 

Have you ever heard that you should take a different route to work or school on occasion? A simple change in our environment or our everyday routine can invigorate our mind and excite our senses! Research suggests that these small environmental changes can increase brain activity and possibly even increase neurogenesis! 

Here are a few SIMPLE ideas to change up our environment and invigorate our mind!

  • Walk or bike to work

  • Move your furniture around 

  • Meet up with new friends

  • Choose a different study/work spot (maybe try studying or working outdoors)

  • Travel to a new spot OR travel to a favorite old spot and find something new

Whether the change in environment is big or small, consider diving into something new this week! 

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