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  • Coach Karen Ungerman

Valentine's Fun on the 14th!

So looking around the local shopping areas, it seems that they want you to think that Valentine's day is all about candy and cuddly teddy bears? Alright, so I guess that has been the case all of my life and I suppose if you like that, then go for it!! I'm not boycotting Valentine's Day, I am certainly good with a healthy dinner out with the hubs. But I am kind of thinking that my daughter doesn't really need anymore stuffed animals and I certainly don't need any candy! So I plan on looking at the annual Valentine's treat a little differently this year. I asked my daughter if she would rather have candy or an experience this year and she quickly responded with "let's do something fun"!

8 ideas for FUN on the 14th:

Zip lining with your most adventuresome buddies!

Go to a movie with your kids!

Go to the spa!

Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor!)

Check out a play!

Plan a camping trip with your besties!

Hiking with friends!

Roller skate or ice skate lately!

Aerial yoga anyone?

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