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What will 2017 look like for you?

Happy New Year friends!! First, let's stop thinking about everything we need to do better and think about 3 awesome things that happened in 2016! Go ahead, take a second....what were they? Take a moment to be thankful for that!!

Now, having a new year to give us a fresh start is pretty refreshing as well! Especially after all of the tempting traditional foods and treats that have crossed our paths over the holiday season and the busy schedule of events, shopping and crowds to go with it! As I probably mentioned last year, I am not really big on resolutions....but I am good with realistic goals! With that being said, I am sure most of us have considered a few ideas for this new year that will enhance our well being in 2017. Remember, if you need a little help making those goals a reality, that is where our coaching comes in handy! A little weekly reminder and accountability can go a long way! If you are not ready to take that step yet, consider writing down your overall goal and don't forget to add action steps and hold yourself accountable. Set a reminder on your phone each week to look at your plan and see how you are doing!

4 Action Step Ideas for 2017

-Clear out your kitchen! No need to hold on to holiday treats and candies!

-Start meal planning and center your meals around whole, unprocessed foods!

-Reduce your screen time! Family wellness tip: consider having a contest to see who uses the least amount of screen time and provide a reward at the end of the week! $5 to the person with the least screen time! Get creative!

-Too sedentary in 2016? Increase activity by 5 min per day each week until you are doing 30-60 min of activity per day!

-Take care of yourself! Make a list of self care items. Dentist lately? Dermatology appointment been on the back burner?

We hope these tips help move you toward a happier, healthier place in 2017!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from 1 Life Wellness Coaching!!

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