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4 Healthy Ideas for Turkey Day!

So here's the deal! I have done the Thanksgiving dinner where I changed EVERY SINGLE traditional Thanksgiving dish for a healthier alternative and I'm just gonna be honest here folks; it wasn't worth it! It's kind of like trying to lose 10 pounds in a week! Unrealistic. Even if YOU want to switch everything up, other people in the family may really be looking forward to Grandma's Thanksgiving stuffing!

However, it's important to keep on track during the holiday season and not let things get too out of control. You need to think about areas that you can change things up without upsetting your siblings too much.


4 pretty simple ideas for a healthier Turkey Day:

1 - Talk to the fam! Maybe they will be on board with a healthier feast. Maybe they will even pitch in and give ideas on healthy alternatives. If not, that's ok, just stick with the favorites and choose one or two dishes to change or add to the mix!

2 - Portions, portions, portions! Going to Grandmas this year? What a blessing and a treat! Be ready for smart portions! Add greens to your plate first and then fill in with moderate amounts of other dishes. Don't forget you can easily limit the gravy as well!

3 - Be Mindful! With each choice you make, ask yourself "How is this going to make me feel? Am I going to be so full that I can't enjoy the evening?".

4 - Hot tea in hand! Keep a mug of fall flavored hot tea (with maybe a drop of honey) in your hands all night! This will keep you from snacking on appetizers and picking up extra desserts. It's also a simple trick that you can even throw in your bag and take with you if you are not hosting!

Make healthy, smart, realistic goals and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast for what it is, celebrating what we are thankful for!

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