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Simplistic Journaling for Wellness

The entire basis of my philosophy on health and wellness is that we must be realistic, we must not go overboard, we need to find a state of balance in which we can sail free. I have been so happy to see that in 2016 a shift to realistic wellness has been observed. As a wellness coach, I am aware that the stress levels of both my clients and myself can easily grow out of control if we are not creating mindfulness in our lives. So, I thought I would share with you a simple tool to creating realistic wellness through a bit of simple planning and mindfulness. Journaling. I told you, simple - right?! The key is to keep it simple and find a way to stay committed. Here are some tips to get you going on the road to planning simplicity in your life.

1 - Grab a journal!

2 - Write down 1 weekly goal.

3 - Write down 1-4 daily goals that will lead you to your weekly goal.

4 - Set a daily alarm on your phone to remind yourself of your appt with your journal.

That's it! Simple, with a reminder to stay connected to your journal! And don't be afraid to start with 1 daily goal at a time!

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