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  • Coach Karen Ungerman

5 Day Summer Activity Challenge

Who's taking advantage of the summer of 2016? If so, good on ya! If not, let's do this before summer quickly rolls into fall. It's time for a little summer activity challenge! It seems to me that we can always come up with a good reason why we don't have time for more activity. But why?? Summer activities are fun, right?! So why are we not creating time to do these things? What is taking our attention? Depending on your age and lifestyle it could be anything from texting, Instagram, Facebook or the never-ending flow of emails! In this summer activity challenge, we can take baby steps to improve our well being! Focus on replacing something that is not productive with something that is; activity!

Less screen time = more summer activity

If you are spending too much of your precious time on social media, watching tv, sleeping in or pondering stressful work emails! Consider baby stepping away from these things and toward a bit of summer activity.

Beginner's Challenge:

Day 1 = 5 min

Day 2 = 10 min

Day 3 = 15 min

Day 4 = 20 min

Day 5 = 25 min!! You are now doing 25 minutes of something healthy and fun!

Advanced Challenge:

Day 1= 20 min

Day 2 = 30 min

Day 3 = 40 min

Day 4 = 50 min

Day 5 = 60 min!! You just got to do an hour of some awesome summer activity!

Summer Activity Ideas:

Bike riding


Walking (especially in a pretty area, around a lake, are you near a beach?)





Disc Dunk

Stand Up Paddleboarding



Did I say swimming??

Hula hooping

Play catch at a park, the beach or your backyard


Jump on a trampoline (I don't care HOW old you are?)

And yes....slip n' slide (the above comment also holds true here!)

Get on this summer activity challenge to gain some wellness in your life! I know you have some ideas of your own, so feel free to share! Also, remember that going early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isn't so harsh is always a great idea! Bring plenty of water for hydration and don't forget the sunscreen! If you are tracking your activity on an app of some sort, don't forget to give yourself credit my friends!

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