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  • Karen Ungerman, Health Coach

Transitioning to College

Why our coaching is a smart option for your college student?

Most wellness coaches currently require a 3 month commitment and over a grand to get your college child started on a coaching plan. While we do offer a 3 month plan, our thought is that a student is generally strapped for time, money and busy engaging in the college experience! Our program allows for shorter, more affordable sessions that the student can attend from a phone, computer or iPad in their dorm or local coffee shop! Our coaching is to the point, but engaging and friendly. These sessions keep the student's attention and provide a chance for a self-check, while addressing challenges they might be facing and a strategy to move forward for the week!

Wellness Coaching for Your College Student

So your child probably just learned to drive 2-3 years ago, as if that wasn't difficult enough, now they are headed off to college to live on their own, outside of the protection of your parental guidance! Seriously? Most of them still want to eat pizza every night and are possibly still recovering from their first speeding ticket. If you are a high school senior reading this, don't get your feelings hurt, this is all pretty normal for you, life is about learning! If you are one of those parents that is thinking "ummm, my kid loves veggies and always follows the rules.", then count your lucky stars now and realize that college is a bigger ballgame!

So what do we do for these creative, fun loving young adults? In my opinion, this is an imperative time for growth and learning. It is time for us as parents (yes, I have a one of my own currently at UW) to slowly step aside, open up our arms and let them find out who they are and what type of unique qualities that have to give to this world. It will be a fun and interesting ride if you let it, which I will be the first to admit, is not an easy task. However, we can still gently guide and give advise, because I believe they are still listening. With that being said, many college students are very adamant about finding out who they are as an individual and are really trying to find their way without the hand holding of their parent. This is where a coach comes in. A coach can bring a fresh new perspective and help them learn to develop a wellness strategy that includes dealing with the stress of college life.

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