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What Does Your Circle Look Like?

What does your circle look like? Your circle of friends are kind of like the dynamics of your life. Some bring a positive vibe, some bring inspiration to be more physically fit, some are there to give tough love and some are there for YOU to inspire!

This past month we had the pleasure of visiting with friends at the always fun, always beautiful "Flora-bama" coast! It's always fun getting caught up with friends, kicking back and enjoying life. One of our favorite things to do as a family is getaway with friends. This takes you out of your normal routine, it forces you to look at how others live and maybe pick up on some things you could change for the better yourself.

Other than simply meeting up with friends, we were there to support our friend Ryan (a former marine), who was running a 1/2 marathon in support of wounded and fallen warriors (a cause near and dear) at the Flora-Bama's Beach Run-Walk for America's Warriors. Now, I am not a "runner", so I am always inspired by those that decide they are going to get out there and do something like this. In true Flora-bama fashion, the weather didn't really know what the heck it was doing the morning of the run, so it was an on again, off again deal until the lightning and thunder subsided enough to let these guys and gals get out and go for it! What a blast to finally cheer Ryan and the other runners in! And guess what.....I left feeling so inspired! So, thanks for that Ryan! More importantly, however, Ryan, along with his sweet wife Nicole, are setting an example of a healthy lifestyle for their two daughters. They will grow up understanding that hard work and healthy activity equate to an awesome time!

Now, as you all know, my entire approach to wellness is a healthy realistic outlook. So did we eat perfect the entire weekend? NO! Did we decide to stay in and cook one of the two nights, save a little money and get our veggies on? YES! See how that works? Balance.

My family is lucky to have Ryan and Nicole in our circle! They are super fun friends and bring awareness of healthy living into the lives of their family!

Something to think about: "What does your circle look like?"

Who are the active people in your circle? Who are the healthy people in your circle? Who are the positive, happy people that bring joy? If it's been awhile since you have been inspired by these people, it's time to plan something. Maybe the 2017 Flora-bama Walk/Run for America's Warriors?

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