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4 Simple Steps to a Healthy Life Journey

This month I am visiting the beautiful deserts of Arizona. Strange that when I lived in Arizona I never fully took in the beauty of the place! So today I decided to integrate my work with the view of the desert over a coffee. As I walked up to what I had envisioned as quiet, relaxing coffee time, I realized the place was overrun with bikers! Not the Harley types, but the road biking types. They were all wearing matching biking shirts and most importantly, having an awesome time! I spoke with one of them that not only mentioned he does this twice a week, hikes two days a week and golfs once a week, but that this group was part of a 50 and over community! This is the epitome of what I coach! This is why I like coaching young people, because it is my hope that they will use what they have learned to engage in a long lasting healthy life journey!

What are we doing to encourage a healthy life journey? Are the activities we are engaging in leading us to the place we see ourselves in 10 years? Don't fall into the all or nothing trap. What you want is sustained health and wellness, which is generally found by using a progressive step by step approach. Here are a few ways to get your healthy life journey well on it's way:

1 - Consider where you see yourself in 10 years. Are you active and enjoying life?

2 - Consider where you are now in your journey. Are you making good food and exercise choices?

3 - List three things that you can change this week that lead you closer to the life you envision.

4 - Act.

This does not have to be difficult! A simple thing like adding an extra glass of water everyday this week is a great start. As a coach, these are the simple things I work on with my clients each week that lead to increased quality of life!

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