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New Year Bucket List

The "New Year's Resolution" seems to be losing it's kick. I admit I didn't make one this year. Maybe this is from years of watching people sign up for fitness memberships and watch them, predictably, drop out by the end of February. I think that we ought to take this time to contemplate where we are in life and what we can do to bring more health and happiness our way. People generally do better with a step by step approach to meeting their goals, as opposed to an "all or nothing" way of thinking. So, for a twist on the typical New Year's Resolution; consider tossing it and come up with a New Year Bucket List! Include healthy ventures that you want to focus on for a portion of the year, are new to you and eliminate monotony. I would suggest a quarterly or monthly bucket list that spans 1 year.

Since the summer I have really jumped into yoga again and although I love it, I think it is time to add some other activities to the mix. When I got home from spending the holidays with family I noticed a new Barre studio that had opened very nearby my house. I have decided this will be first on my 2016 bucket list! What I love about the bucket list is that, although the barre studio is on my list, I am not planning to do it forever. I will dive in for a month and then move on to the next fun topic on my bucket list. And keep in mind, your bucket list items do not need to be over the top or expensive, just something to change things up a bit this year!

Example Quarterly Bucket List:

Jan - March:

Barre Classes

Aerial Yoga

Old School Weight Training



Stand up paddleboard

Outdoor Exercise


Find a unique new cardio activity

Clean Eating/Food Planning



Healthy holiday recipes

Hot Yoga

Get a massage!

Be sure this list goes somewhere that it will not be forgotten! Consider printing each section on a separate piece of paper, stapling them and putting them on the fridge. As you move through the year, pull each section off as you go.

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