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Take Time to Fill Your Bucket

"How full is your bucket?". Most of us have heard this saying, but let's take a moment to break it down. In today's society we tend to believe that to be successful we must live big and fast, but when we do this, we run our buckets low and in some cases completely dry! We are busy running from one place to another, checking our cell phones constantly, all while trying to keep everyone happy. We run on high constantly, leaving little time for awareness of our own personal health and wellness needs. When we do this, we have nothing left to give to those around us. This leads to less quality and meaning in our everyday interactions.

So how do we slow down in this fast paced world long enough to let our buckets fill back up? By taking just a few minutes a day to stop and consider how we are doing and what small changes we can make to create a better environment for those that live with us, we can slowly fill our buckets back up. Consider things like: what have I been eating, how much time do I get outdoors, how much sleep am I getting, am I gifting those around me with a smile or a scowl, do I use my cell phone while I should be focusing on the human being in front of me, am I expressing gratitude for things in my life or negativity. Write down 1 or 2 things you would like to focus on daily or weekly and watch your bucket fill! You may be surprised that living with a full bucket will not only increase your own personal wellness, but the wellness of

everyone around you!

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