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Wellness Coaching 101

What is it?

So many times I get the question, “What exactly is wellness coaching?”. Let’s clear it up a bit for those of you that still wonder what in the world this wellness coaching thing is all about.

First, “wellness” is a very broad term. It doesn't mean the same thing for everyone! When I was recovering from my kidney transplant, my wellness was taking my meds on time everyday, being able to sleep at night, trying to walk for a collective 30 minutes per day and downing the awful fish oil they insisted I take. For my teenage son, wellness may be staying away from the tempting foods that most teenagers are consuming and improving his volleyball skills. For a very active person that is already eating a proper diet, their wellness may be to maintain what they are already doing and work on decreasing their current stress level at work. This list goes on and on because people are different! For years people have said “everyone is different” and then proceed to give everyone the same type of program. Wellness coaches work closely with each individual, helping them discover the tactics they will need to increase their current state of wellness and learn to apply these skills for life.

Wellness Coaches Vary

Wellness coaches are people too, they are all different. They may have had similar training, but like all of you, they have different life experiences and passions that fuel the way in which they coach. It’s always a great idea to meet with your wellness coach to ensure their style is one that will work for you. I have personally gone through major medical procedures that have allowed me to develop sincere compassion for a certain clientele. I understand what it is like when the transplant doc tells the transplant patient to walk 30 minutes a day and it feels like an impossible task! I also enjoy working with women, moms and teen girls because I feel like I can relate to them. Although wellness coaches can usually coach many different types of people, it is important to find one that is RIGHT for you.

Etymology of the Wellness Coach

I find it interesting to first take the word “coach” and analyze the origins of the word itself. When looking into the etymology of this word, we find that the word “coach” comes from the Hungarian kocsi, which meant “carriage of kocs”. We can easily relate to the coach or carriage that whisks people off to their future destination; think Cinderella. The word coach wasn’t used in the context of an instructor or trainer until the 1830’s, being used as a slang term for test tutoring at Oxford University. In the present day, a wellness coach assists you in your journey from current wellness to improved wellness. However, rather than picturing Cinderella being whisked off to the ball, we should picture getting into the carriage and being given tools. These are tools that will allow us to get the carriage from one place to the other on our own. Confidence gained, self-reliance gained, wellness gained, on your own, with the positive guidance of your wellness coach!

So there you have it! A wellness coach is basically a fairy godmother type with a toolbox instead of a wand and a hankering to make you do a little of the magic on your own; so that you don’t fall apart when she leaves!


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