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Guiding Polycystic Kidney Disease Warriors

to greater health and happiness


Polycystic Kidney Disease Community


These sessions are specific to the PKD warrior. We will discover where your starting point is, what your goals look like and how to achieve them. Let's create a journey that includes happiness and good health! 


I finished my Master's degree while in a hospital bed in the renal transplant department at UCLA. I get it. Wellness is different for every one of us. Life as a transplant recipient can be emotionally taxing and life as a PKD warrior requires strength. The expected bumps in the road might be different than the bumps that actually occur! Along with the gift of a new kidney comes an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Everyone's journey is different. In coaching, we discover your starting point and help you maintain and improve wellness through step by step actions that lead to a happier, healthier life in all aspects of your kidney journey. 

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