Frequently Asked Questions

What genres are you working on?

I work mostly with authors who write Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Epic Fantasy and all their sub-genres.

What is your pricing and timeframe?

For my pricing list, please visit my Package page. The timeframe for one cover is usually one to two weeks, depending on the complexity and the revisions.

How far ahead should I contact you for a booking?

Ideally, one month or more ahead. If you have an emergency project that you need to start immediately, you can still contact me so we can discuss, but whether I will take over the project or not will depend on my schedule at the time.

What is the process of working on a cover?

  1. First of all we schedule the spot(s). I will then send you a questionnaire that you will need to fill out until a couple of days before our starting date.
  2. When the day comes up on the calendar, I will give you a heads up with any questions I may have and I will start working on the cover.
  3. You should receive the first draft(s) two to three days after that. The first draft is usually a rough mockup of the idea, including the general setup, the main stocks, the main coloring and the typography. There's usually no proper blending, painting or bought stocks on this.
  4. We shall continue our draft/feedback exchange, to make sure we're on the same page and make any necessary changes along the way, until you are completely satisfied with the result. The number of revisions that is included in the base price is five, so any major changes after that will be charged extra, upon agreement. Small changes after five revisions won't require any extra fee.
  5. When I get the green light to finalize, I will buy all stocks, do the proper blending/painting and add the final details.
  6. At this point I will send you the invoice and after the payment is through I will send you all final, high resolution files.
My aim for you is to love the result, that's why you will always be part of the process and we can discuss every little detail that you are concerned about.

How do you handle payment?

The full payment should be made after the project is complete and before I deliver the final files. Payment can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer for Europe and PayPal only for the rest of the world.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you wish to cancel the project:

  • before I have started working on it, we can simply cancel it.
  • after I have started working on it, I will invoice you the amount corresponding to the work I would have done so far. If you choose not to pay that amount, I retain the right to use any drafts or materials of the project for another custom or premade cover.
After the delivery of the final files, there will be no refund whatsoever. If I cancel the project for any reason, I will let you know as soon as possible. If I have already started working on the project, I will allow any drafts or materials to be used by any other designer you will choose to continue with. It's unlikely that I will cancel a project, unless there's an urgent emergency, in which case I will let you know beforehand.

Do I have to credit you inside the book?

Yes, I require a credit as the artist/designer. Please refer to my name Orina Kafe. For example: "Cover by Orina Kafe." A link to my website, wherever it is possible, would be much appreciated.

Can I, or another designer on my behalf, edit a cover you have done for me?

No, you cannot. If you need to change something on the cover I have done for you, feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to do it for you. This applies to both custom projects and premade designs.

Do you provide PSD files or art without typography?

My policy is that I do not, to avoid copyright infrigment. If you need

I am ready for the ebook, but I don't have the print specs ready yet, can we do the print version later?

Sure! We can finalize the book and prceed to the paperback whenever you are ready.