Frequently Asked Questions

What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is a service that guides a healthy person in their own unique personal journey toward increased whole wellness. Generally most people know what they need, but sometimes are not sure what the path looks like to get there. Wellness coaching helps you identify how to increase your overall whole wellness and helps guide you in setting realistic action steps that will lead you down that path!

Is wellness coaching the same thing as counseling?

No. Wellness coaching is not counseling or psychotherapy. Wellness coaches work with healthy individuals to gain increased overall wellness. Wellness coaches do not treat dysfunction.

Why do you offer multiple categories of wellness coaching?

At 1 life wellness coaching, it is imperative that each individual be treated uniquely and have a positive connection with a coach. We are happy to coach anyone that is a good fit for our coaching philosophy, but we happen to have a few areas of expertise and experience that go above and beyond. These specialized catagories are listed for those that fit those unique client profiles!

Why online wellness coaching?

With schedules (and traffic) becoming increasingly stressful, it just makes sense to create a coaching platform that does not add anymore time or effort than absolutely necessary. We understand that this type of communication is new to some and takes a little getting used to, but once you get started, we know you will be very thankful you did!