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January 20, 2016

As a wellness coach and the parent of a competitive gymnast, the topic of protein shakes gets brought up on occasion. Generally, it is parents trying to supplement their athletic child's diet with some added calories. When you have a 10 year old that works out for 9-15 hours a week (depending on the gym), you are constantly worried about whether your child is getting enough nutrition. On the other hand, I have a college freshman that could benefit from the occasional protein shake as well, especially if it means a quick protein shake or skipping a meal! With this being said, many people tell me they don't really like the taste of protein shakes, where I happen to feel like a protein shake is a treat! I got to thinking that this is probably because I grew up in the fitness industry and at times it was my job to make protein shakes for people, so now it just comes natural. 

I thought I would share the basic protein shake that we do around my house on a busy day filled with gymnastics...

January 9, 2016


The "New Year's Resolution" seems to be losing it's kick. I admit I didn't make one this year. Maybe this is from years of watching people sign up for fitness memberships and watch them, predictably, drop out by the end of February. I think that we ought to take this time to contemplate where we are in life and what we can do to bring more health and happiness our way. People generally do better with a step by step approach to meeting their goals, as opposed to an "all or nothing" way of thinking. So, for a twist on the typical New Year's Resolution; consider tossing it and come up with a New Year Bucket List! Include healthy ventures that you want to focus on for a portion of the year, are new to you and eliminate monotony. I would suggest a quarterly or monthly bucket list that spans 1 year.


Since the summer I have really jumped into yoga again and although I love it, I think it is time to add some other acti...

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