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November 29, 2018

 "How full is your bucket?". Most of us have heard this saying, but let's take a moment to break it down. In today's society we tend to believe that to be successful we must live big and fast, but when we do this, we run our buckets low and in some cases completely dry! We are busy running from one place to another, checking our cell phones constantly, all while trying to keep everyone happy. We run on high constantly, leaving little time for awareness of our own personal health and wellness needs. When we do this, we have nothing left to give to those around us. This leads to less quality and meaning in our everyday interactions. 

So how do we slow down in this fast paced world long enough to let our buckets fill back up? By taking just a few minutes a day to stop and consider how we are doing and what small changes we can make to create a better environment for those that live with us, we can slowly fill our buckets back up. Consider things...

October 17, 2017

The portrait the mind paints of FAILURE is dismal! Lately I have been reading, teaching and hearing so much about the positive effects of failure. I have, however, been intrigued by the feelings and outward reactions that people give to even the word itself. Especially our intelligent & talented young people! 

We must not be afraid to fail; failure IS the pathway to success! I say this with conviction, because I am not immune to the same feelings and need of reminders. I GET IT! I currently have a big goal staring me down about 1/2 mile ahead of me on my path of life. The only reason I have not met this milestone is because I was too afraid I would fail. It seemed unreachable! With a little help & guidance from my best friend, I am moving toward that goal swiftly! I won't say there is not a little fear of failure, but I accept this as normal and necessary to get where I want to be! 

Failure is a normal part of life, but it...

November 19, 2016

 So here's the deal! I have done the Thanksgiving dinner where I changed EVERY SINGLE traditional Thanksgiving dish for a healthier alternative and I'm just gonna be honest here folks; it wasn't worth it! It's kind of like trying to lose 10 pounds in a week! Unrealistic. Even if YOU want to switch everything up, other people in the family may really be looking forward to Grandma's Thanksgiving stuffing! 

However, it's important to keep on track during the holiday season and not let things get too out of control.  You need to think about areas that you can change things up without upsetting your siblings too much.

4 pretty simple ideas for a healthier Turkey Day: 

1 - Talk to the fam! Maybe they will be on board with a healthier feast. Maybe they will even pitch in and give ideas on healthy alternatives. If not, that's ok, just stick with the favorites and choose one or two dishes to change or add to the mix! 

2 - Portions, portions, portions! Going to Grandmas thi...

November 9, 2016

ABOVE: Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, Virginia

This week, I passed on an in-home workout plan to a client that is out of town. Of course, this is a great and simple way to "check the box" while out of town or even while home! However, today, I looked out my window and thought twice! Wait a second, right?! It's beautiful out there! Why did I not encourage a hike, a walk through the ever changing fall leaves? So, with that said, what is your activity plan this week? A few at home or gym workouts? That is wonderful, but substituting one or two of those with some outdoor activity will not only enhance your physical well being, but your mental well being as well! 


April 15, 2016


What does your circle look like? Your circle of friends are kind of like the dynamics of your life. Some bring a positive vibe, some bring inspiration to be more physically fit, some are there to give tough love and some are there for YOU to inspire! 


This past month we had the pleasure of visiting with friends at the always fun, always beautiful "Flora-bama" coast! It's always fun getting caught up with friends, kicking back and enjoying life. One of our favorite things to do as a family is getaway with friends. This takes you out of your normal routine, it forces you to look at how others live and maybe pick up on some things you could change for the better yourself. 

Other than simply meeting up with friends, we were there to support our friend Ryan (a former marine), who was running a 1/2 marathon in support of wounded and fallen warriors (a cause near and dear) at the Flora-Bama's Beach Run-Walk for America's Warriors. Now, I am not a "runner", s...

March 16, 2016

This month I am visiting the beautiful deserts of Arizona. Strange that when I lived in Arizona I never fully took in the beauty of the place! So today I decided to integrate my work with the view of the desert over a coffee. As I walked up to what I had envisioned as quiet, relaxing coffee time, I realized the place was overrun with bikers! Not the Harley types, but the road biking types. They were all wearing matching biking shirts and most importantly, having an awesome time! I spoke with one of them that not only mentioned he does this twice a week, hikes two days a week and golfs once a week, but that this group was part of a 50 and over community! This is the epitome of what I coach! This is why I like coaching young people, because it is my hope that they will use what they have learned to engage in a long lasting healthy life journey! 


What are we doing to encourage a healthy life journey? Are the activities we are engaging in l...

February 13, 2016



As we all know, it is so important to get moving every day! We have our favorite activities, but sometimes the mind just needs something new. With spring trying to show it's face lately, it's time to get out the frisbee! This is an inexpensive, fun activity that gets us outside, communicating with others, running, jumping and having some fun! So find a park, beach or soccer field, pack some healthy picnic foods, get out the frisbee and head to the park! 




Want something a bit more advanced? Try Ultimate Frisbee! There are leagues popping up all over! So, check out your area and find a group that suits your personality. It's a great physical and social activity! You will most likely need some cleats and you may want to invest in an ultimate frisbee. However, it is likely a more seasoned ultimate player will already have the frisbee to use during meet ups. So get out the frisbee and get moving! 



Karen Ungerman

Health & Wellness Coach








February 10, 2016


Alright Florida friends, do you remember the ice cream cones that were mixed with some sort of amazing orange slushy deal at a particular theme park when you were a kid? I'm not sure what it was called, but it was right outside of the singing bird thing! You know what I mean. Anyhow, I have still not gotten over the occasion craving for that treat! I have also been working with kids lately and have been playing around with some fun ideas for them. So when I opened up my fridge tonight and saw that one lonely orange, know what I had to do. 


Servings: 2



1 large orange

1/2 cup coconut cream 

1 T honey

1 t vanilla extract 

6-8 pcs of ice


Throw all ingredients into the blender until smooth. 








February 6, 2016



Febuary 14th, Valentine's Day, is the day we let our significant others know how much we care about them through a big box of milk chocolates and maybe a fancy dinner out. I'm not going to say that doesn't sound great, but maybe we could fine tune it a bit, huh? 




Personally, this date has taken on a whole new meaning for me. On that day in 2011, I was planning to be rolled in for a new kidney the following morning. With a big surgery like that, I was under strict eating guidelines, which didn't include much other than clear fluids. I was forced to take a look at just how important the "Valentine's Chocolate & Fancy Dinner" really was. This year, let's enjoy our liquid diets for me! But let's also take some time to plan out our Valentine's Day and not get sidetracked by the mass marketing of Valentine's day at 6pm Febuary 14th. Let's make it mean something and let's make it good, let's consider now some healthy Valentine's treats. 


Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries


January 20, 2016

As a wellness coach and the parent of a competitive gymnast, the topic of protein shakes gets brought up on occasion. Generally, it is parents trying to supplement their athletic child's diet with some added calories. When you have a 10 year old that works out for 9-15 hours a week (depending on the gym), you are constantly worried about whether your child is getting enough nutrition. On the other hand, I have a college freshman that could benefit from the occasional protein shake as well, especially if it means a quick protein shake or skipping a meal! With this being said, many people tell me they don't really like the taste of protein shakes, where I happen to feel like a protein shake is a treat! I got to thinking that this is probably because I grew up in the fitness industry and at times it was my job to make protein shakes for people, so now it just comes natural. 

I thought I would share the basic protein shake that we do around my house on a busy day filled with gymnastics...

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