September 16, 2017

Hiking through the changing fall leaves, maneuvering a tree line ropes course or working out in your basement? Which ones sound more fun? Please tell me you didn't opt for the basement! They are all good for you and I have to admit I love working out in my basement over a good tv show, but it would be shameful if we missed out on all the beautiful fall activities just because we didn't take the time to decide we were going to do them! I recently gave an activity log to some of my local students and encouraged them to replace the word "exercise" with "fun movement". I encourage you to do the same! Think of some "fun movement" you would like to plan on this fall and put it on your calendar! 

-hiking (followed by apple picking of course)

-kayaking (before it gets too cold!)

-tree line ropes course

-day at the park (bring your frisbees, hula hoops, disc slam and more!)

-light house climbing (yes, one of my favorites!)

-beach walking

By choosing fun fall activities that involve othe...

Spring has raced by and summer is here! It's a great time to check in and set up a plan for summer activity! Don't let your summer pass you by! 

First of all, have you ever heard of a summer activity that you DIDN'T like? I don't think I have?  Stand up paddleboarding anyone? I mean seriously!! So much fun is to be had. BUT, we are busy people with so much going on. If we're not careful October will be here and you won't have picked up a single oh so very sad. 

Make a list! Throw it on the fridge! Pick 3 and plan! 

**Family Tip - Let the family join in! If you have teens or older pre-teens, let them in on the planning process. Give them a budget and let them plan out one of the events! This teaches them financial wellness as well! 

Here is a list of 20 Summer Activities to choose from 

Stand Up Paddleboarding (well, of course!)



Hiking (waterfalls nearby?)


Beach Run


Beach Volleyball 

Biking (around lakes, on beaches, on boardwalks or in...

February 10, 2017

So looking around the local shopping areas, it seems that they want you to think that Valentine's day is all about candy and cuddly teddy bears? Alright, so I guess that has been the case all of my life and I suppose if you like that, then go for it!! I'm not boycotting Valentine's Day, I am certainly good with a healthy dinner out with the hubs. But I am kind of thinking that my daughter doesn't really need anymore stuffed animals and I certainly don't need any candy! So I plan on looking at the annual Valentine's treat a little differently this year. I asked my daughter if she would rather have candy or an experience this year and she quickly responded with "let's do something fun"! 

8 ideas for FUN on the 14th:

Zip lining with your most adventuresome buddies!

Go to a movie with your kids! 

Go to the spa!

Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor!)

Check out a play!

Plan a camping trip with your besties!

Hiking with friends!

Roller skate or ice skate lately! 

Aerial yoga anyone?

July 21, 2016

Who's taking advantage of the summer of 2016? If so, good on ya! If not, let's do this before summer quickly rolls into fall. It's time for a little summer activity challenge! It seems to me that we can always come up with a good reason why we don't have time for more activity. But why?? Summer activities are fun, right?! So why are we not creating time to do these things? What is taking our attention? Depending on your age and lifestyle it could be anything from texting, Instagram, Facebook or the never-ending flow of emails! In this summer activity challenge, we can take baby steps to improve our well being! Focus on replacing something that is not productive with something that is; activity! 

Less screen time = more summer activity

If you are spending too much of your precious time on social media, watching tv, sleeping in or pondering stressful work emails! Consider baby stepping away from these things and toward a bit of summer activity. 


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